Simple Yet Effective.


Online Booking

When your customers book an appointment online, their profile and work order will be automatically entered in your system saving you time reentering.

Work Orders

Work Orders can be assigned to Employees. Work Orders can be viewed in multiple formats (by employee, by day, week, month, pending, completed).

Quick Books Syncing

Why waste time double entering…. Easily Connect OCTOCOR with your online QuickBooks.

Easy Invoicing

When a work order is created, the services transfer directly onto the invoice. Another time saving feature.

Customer Quotes

If your customer requests a quote, it can be easily created. If the quote is accepted by the customer, you will receive a notification and can convert the quote into an editable invoice.


Provide customized reports for your customers, such as inspection reports, that they can view in their personalized account.


One of our biggest hang-ups with other programs, is the handling of inventory. We feel that our system is a step above. You can easily increase inventory quantities, set reorder points, add to your invoice with preset markups, and send automated emails to your suppliers.

Ordering Supplies

If parts are needed for a specific job, a notification will appear when a request is made, and a subsequent notification will let you know when the supplies have arrived.


Keep customer retention high by rewarding them with loyalty points. Personalized customer accounts will allow them to view past and present invoices, reports, and receive future service reminders.


Set Employee accounts to appropriate access levels. They can record their time, send and receive internal messages, and view any business information specific to them.


Keep your business on track with productivity reports and employee time reports.


Customize your account by adding your logo and changing the color scheme.

Multiple Locations

Manage multiple locations from the same account.

Internal Supplies

Do your employees need business cards, pens, decals, promotional items, forms, etc? With our internal ordering system, they can submit an internal order.


We know you are going to love OCTOCOR, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Experience it for yourself.

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